Almost certainly Singapore's first and only Tapas & Sake Gastro bar, BAM! pays tribute to the revolutionary trend of "Modern Shudo" which "Shu-do" literally means 'sake-way'; a contemporary way of sake appreciation.

Chef Pepe introduced the "Modern Shudo" concept to Singapore after getting to know the avid foodies - Constance Song and Ben Chng. Together they established BAM! Tapas-Sake Bar to showcase and promote the virtusosity of pairing sake with Spanish-influenced food.

A Tapas & Sake Bar tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the glitzy shopping belt, along the growing hipster lifestyle row at No.38 Tras Street at Tanjong Pagar intends to draw guests with fine culinary, and classy clean yet laidback vibes.

Since opening its doors, BAM! has been welcoming guests into the chic and under-stated space to relish the cuisine specially crafted to be paired with the exceptional compiled sake collection.

The industrial-dressed atmosphere has requisite hipster trimmings of concrete walls, nude bulbs, and stylish-exposed wires. Interior colours are obvious tones of grey, silver, and black with touches of other hues from the huge paintings that quietly adorn the cemented walls, allowing the exquisite plated dishes to take center stage.

BAM! savours the classic Japanese aperitif with Spanish small plates in a relaxed open kitchen concept bar - akin to the atmosphere and camaraderie in Spanish bars and Japanese Izakayas despite its fine dining stature.