Chef Pepe Moncayo, former chef de cuisine of Santi, was introduced to "Modern Shudo" when he visited a brewery in Japan few years ago and was pleasantly surprised at how sake enhanced the tastes of international cuisine.

"Coming from Spain where we are known for our wine culture, I was not much of a sake drinker. I was skeptical initially when I was at the brewery's sake pairing dinner," Chef Pepe sheepishly admitted, "but I was blown away when I drank sake with the "western" meal and realised it brought out the "umami" taste in the dishes really well!"

Effectively everything in their menu goes well with sake, and their certified resident sake sommeliers will not only pair your dishes with ample pours, but will show you how to make the most of it.

"We have 3 certified sake sommeliers amongst our service staff who can assist diners in their choice of sake with their meal", explains Constance Song, partner and marketing director of BAM!. "Besides our top quality cuisine, I work closely with the staff to ensure good product knowledge and high standard of service etiquette. Being a foodie who enjoys dining out, I understand the importance of a pampering dining experience and hope to provide just that to our guests."